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Chemistry Department


The College of Arts and Sciences offers a comprehensive liberal arts education. Degree programs are designed to help students integrate what they learn and to encourage them to apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Through detailed familiarity with a primary discipline, as well as additional concentrations in other disciplines, students acquire a broad understanding of the world in which they live. When they complete their studies, graduates will possess a common body of knowledge shared by all educated people.

The Department of Chemistry offers specialties in areas such as nanotechnology, organometallic, physical organic chemistry, radiochemistry, and thermal acoustics.

B.S. in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in chemistry gives you a unique insight into central areas of physical science. This program offers in-depth, hands-on instruction utilizing cutting-edge technology and modern instrumentation. Students can choose a broad training in chemistry or opt for a concentration in biochemistry. Click here to learn more.

Chemistry Minor

A minor in chemistry is also available for non-majors who are interested in a basic understanding of the field to provide a basis for advanced study. Click here to view the degree plan.

Physics Minor

This 15-17-hour program complements degrees in all areas of science by providing a unique insight into the physical sciences. Click here to view the degree plan.