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History, Social Sciences, and Philosophy Department

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"We live in the present, we dream of the future, but we learn eternal truths from the past." - Madame Chiang

Our department is made up of skilled historians and scholars who make history come alive in the classroom. Our faculty teach history, geography, political science, philosophy, religious studies, and resources interpretation. By researching the past, students acquire both critical skills and valuable assets to aid them in their pursuit of a career or advanced studies.

Click here for information regarding the Spring 2023 Student Research Paper Competition


B.A. in History

The Bachelor of Arts in history encourages you to appreciate the significance of world events and comprehend the important connections between history, culture, and the status quo. A complete range of courses in American, European, and African history are led by skilled historians and scholars who make history come alive in the classroom. Click here to learn more.


B.S. in History with Social Studies Teacher Licensure (7-12)

This program is designed for future social studies teachers who will make an exciting and important impact on history, civics, economics, and psychology students in junior high and high school classrooms. You will learn to integrate and apply the knowledge you learn in actual public school classrooms for grades 7-12. Click here to learn more.

Political Science

B.A. in Political Science

A Bachelor of Arts in political science combines the skills of the humanities and sciences. You will develop historical and philosophical perspectives on politics, build skills in analysis and synthesis, and hone your ability to communicate clearly and forcibly. Students with this degree enter national conversations about the economy, elections, global conflicts, and the United States' role in the world. Click here to learn more.


Diversity Studies

This 18-hour minor gives students an opportunity to study human diversity from the perspective of multiple disciplines, making it an ideal complement to any major. View the degree plan here.



This 18-hour minor provides you with analytical thinking skills and research and writing abilities that all employers desire from their employees. By providing you with core knowledge of the past, a minor in history helps prepare you for the responsibilities of  Click here to view the degree plan.



This 18-hour minor provides students with an opportunity to improve their critical thinking and conceptual/linguistics skills while enhancing their problem-solving skills and encouraging them to be adaptable thinkers. View the degree plan here.


Political Science

This 18-hour program helps students hone their thinking skills, which will help them in other courses, and also prepares them to have a greater understanding of the complexities of the modern political system, producing more informed and effective citizens. Click here to view the degree plan here.



This 18-hour program helps students become practical critical thinkers with greater understanding of the structure of social groups, organizations, and societies. This minor complements other majors focused on understanding social change and the causes and consequences of human behavior. View the degree plan here.