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Erik Carlson


Erik Carlson


English Rhetoric and Writing and Media Communication


Erik Carlson is a professor of English. He specializes in Old English and Germanic philology, and his publications have focused on the literature of Early Medieval England and the development of Old English emotional vocabulary under the influence of ecclesiastical Latin. He is pleased to be teaching Chaucer and History and Development of the English Language as well as composition and literature courses. His recent publications include an article in Traditio titled “Dryhthelm’s Desire: Gregorian Compunction and Bede’s Celestial Topography” and a chapter in Old English and Continental Germanic Literature in Comparative Perspectives titled “Mæg wið Mæge: Drinking with Beowulf.” His current projects include an article on "The Dream of the Rood" (under review) and an investigation into the emotional vocabulary of the Heliand, a ninth-century poetic Gospel harmony written in Old Saxon.