UAFS Early Childhood Professional Development Trainings

Trainings are funded through grants awarded by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.


 Pre-K-ELLA Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas

Designed to increase understanding of how three to five year old children develop language and literary skills and why it is important to develop these skills. To present tools and techniques for classrooms and also involve families in developing language and literacy skills.


 Pre-K Framework Handbook

Designed to help early childhood professionals with the use of the AECE Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework Handbook.


 Pre-K-SEL Social/Emotional Learning

Designed to increase the understanding of the importance of social-emotional learning in children's overall health, school success, and creating quality classroom environments so that children will enter kindergarten ready to learn.


 Pre-K-MS Math and Science

Designed to instruct educators the importance of an integrated approach to math and science curriculum at the earliest levels of both formal and informal education.


 Ten Steps to Positive Discipline

Designed to empower adults to use the conflict resolution skills that they will acquire through this course. In this training, the students will learn how to change tattling into problem solving, and to empower classmates and siblings to interact successfully.UAFS Early



Early Childhood Sub-Contracted Professional Development Trainings

Sub-contracted Trainings through University of Arkansas Early Care and Education Projects.


 CCOT Child Care Orientation Training

Provides basic orientation training. The Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education of the Arkansas Department of Human Services has recommended that all child caregivers who have had little or no previous child care training complete this basic orientation training within one year of employment in a child care setting.      


 Child Development: Birth to Three

Designed for caregivers to understand their role as nurturer.


 Child Development: Three to Five

Designed to give care givers the skills and techniques to care for children in a safe and healthy environment.


 Child Development: Five to Eight

Designed to help recognize the needs of school age children.


 Guidance and Behavior

Designed to empower care givers to promote positive guidance and behavior in the classroom.      


 Creative Activities

Designed to train teachers to develop and set up creative activities that will help children grow cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally.    


 Health and Safety

Designed to help caregivers understand their function as role model, protector and teacher of safety for children in all types of child care settings as they show an awareness of the effect of children's surroundings (air breathed, surfaces touched, food eaten) on their health and well-being.


 Infant Toddler Frameworks

Designed to explore developmentally appropriate practice, quality care and family connections.  


All Early Childhood Professional Development Trainings are offered at NO COST and participants receive FREE CEUs and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. For more information contact Sheila Davis at 479-788-7249.