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2021–2022 Housing Room Rates & Meal Plans

Lion’s Den Room Rates

The Lion's Den academic contract covers Aug. 18, 2021, through May 7, 2022, excluding winter break. Winter break is $20/night for a maximum charge of $340.

Single $2,695
Double $2,375
Triple $2,150
Double as a Single  $3,171
Triple as Double $2,525


Lion’s Den Meal Plans
(Block plans are not able to be pro-rated.)

All Students Price
Unlimited Meals per week/$75 Dining Dollars ($25 limit off campus) $1,850
220 Block Plan/$150 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,750
160 Block Plan/$250 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,650
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Only  
80 Block Plan/$300 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,050


Sebastian Commons Room Rates

Married housing is only available in 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom and 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom apartments. Married couples new to campus housing are housed as space is available and after all single students have been assigned. Please contact the Housing Office regarding apartment availability.

*The summer rate listed is for the entire summer. If a resident only needs to live on campus for part of the summer, their rate may be pro-rated.

1 bed/1 bath $3,375 $4,275 $1,800
1 bed/1 bath Executive $3,600 $4,550 $1,900
2 bed/1 bath $2,800 $3,578 $1,556
2 bed/2 bath $3,188 $4,079 $1,782
2 bed/2 bath Executive $3,364 $4,300 $1,872
4 bed/2 bath $2,500 $3,192 $1,384
4 bed/2 bath WD $2,727 $3,487 $1,520
1 bed/1 bath Married $3,705 $4,846 $2,282
2 bed/1 bath Married $4,111 $5,439 $2,656
Covered Parking $120 $150 $60


Sebastian Commons Meal Plans (Block Plans are not able to be pro-rated)

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Only Price
Unlimited Meals per week/$75 Dining Dollars ($25 limit off campus) $1,850
220 Block Plan/$150 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,750
160 Block Plan/$250 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,650
80 Block Plan/$300 Dining Dollars ($50 limit off campus) $1,050
40 Block Plan/$400 Dining Dollars ($100 limit off campus) $750
$290 Dining Dollars $290


Financial Information

Before the beginning of each semester, the full-semester price of the room and meal plan is applied to your university student account. This enables you to utilize eligible financial aid for your housing costs and to take advantage of university payment plans. Housing will only charge you for room and meal plan fees at the beginning of your occupancy and not at the end. You are responsible for ensuring you have financial aid that will cover housing costs if you are seeking to pay with financial aid dollars.

Installment plans must be established before the Deadline to Pay, which is before classes begin each semester. Housing bills will not be posted until the Housing Office receives your housing contract and deposit. Housing contracts received before the beginning of the semester will be posted by the second day of class. Room and board charges for students who turn in contracts after classes have started will be posted within two business days of receipt of the contract. Setting up an installment plan may be completed online through your student account.

You may always view your current university bill by logging in to My.UAFS. You are responsible for ensuring all your housing costs are on your bill, along with university tuition and fees. After the Deadline to Pay, the bill is considered past due. A late payment fee may be assessed, and you may be dropped from classes. Furthermore, there is a possibility that fees could be placed on your account after a refund check is issued.

The Financial Aid Office is a great resource in determining what types of financial aid you may expect to receive and when the financial aid will be posted to your student account. We strongly encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office to take advantage of various types of aid.

Before move-in, you will be required to agree to the housing contract. All residents will need to pay a $200 deposit while living on campus. This deposit is due at the time the contract is signed. The deposit will be held until you move out of campus housing, at which time it will be released to your student account. If there are charges still on your student account, the deposit will cover those fees. If the fees are in excess of $200, you will be required to pay the remaining balance. If there are no fees on your account, and the deposit will be refunded via direct deposit or a mailed check.