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Current Resident Announcements

UAFS Housing appreciates its current residents! We understand that sometimes current residents need assistance, so check out the pages on the Housing website for help with internet, maintenance, and roommate issues. We want our current residents to be INFORMED about what is coming up in Housing. Whether it is an RA program or break information, this is the page to watch for that information.

Cancelling Your Contract and Moving Out at Semester

We are sad to see you go so soon! Moving out before May is RARE. Your contract holds you accountable for the full academic year through May. If you need to move-out before May, you will incur additional fees. Below are the steps to take regarding cancelling your contract. 

  • Complete a Housing Cancellation form on my.uafs here.
  • Follow the check-out procedures found of pages 27 – 29 of the Housing Handbook here.
  • When moving out at the end of the semester, your Resident Director will email you information, after receiving your cancellation form, regarding how to pick a day and time to check-out with an RA. It is very important you check-out with an RA!
  • To avoid charges for the spring semester, you must move-out and check-out by:
    • December 17th at 7pm
    • Graduates: December 19th at 5pm
  • Appeals for the $800 contract buyout fee: You must email your appeal to your Resident Director, either for Sebastian Commons or for the Lion’s Den before you move-out. Your appeal must explain (1) What changed for you between the signing of your contract and your early move-out, and (2) Why you believe that is a valid reason for cancelling your contract. All appeals must have supporting documentation attached to the email.
    • Examples of appeals commonly granted:
      • Military enlistment and/or deployment (documentation is typically military orders)
      • December Graduation (Housing receives a list of graduates from the Records Office so only the cancellation form is needed)
      • Out-of-town full-time internship (documentation is typically an email from your advisor)
      • Severe family medical need that personally alters your academic status (documentation is typically a combination of letters, medical records, and financial records)
    • Examples of appeals not commonly granted:
      • Financial aid adjustments due to low academic performance
      • Stating the cost is higher than anticipated
      • Transferring to a school with an academic program UAFS also offers
      • Roommate conflict
      • Ineligibility to remain a UAFS student

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